Forging Valuable Networks at the Law, Security & Intelligence Dinner

Thursday, 5th May 2016

Maureen Peatman, distinguished lawyer from Hunt & Hunt, specialising in environmental law and member of the College Board, joined us for the Robert Menzies College Law and Security Studies Academic dinner. Also in attendance was the Dean of Macquarie University’s Law School – Professor Natalie Klein and RMC alumnus Steve Wright.

After sharing a meal, put on by the talented catering staff of Robert Menzies College, Mrs Peatman delivered an address on ‘Women in the Legal Profession’ where she spoke of her career thus far and most generously shared her advice on how to be a worthwhile member of the workforce and the particular traits employers are looking for. This information was particularly interesting and valuable, as all of us wish to have an edge when seeking employment in the current competitive climate. Mrs Peatman advocated the importance of hard work, knowing one’s place when given a job, and the importance of respect and setting goals – qualities which over time, if applied consistently, make for a positive reputation, which is exceptionally important in the legal profession.

To conclude, Mrs Peatman spoke of the value of her faith and the direction and strength it has given her throughout her career, in particular, the importance of charity.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the evening, with further conversation over tea afterwards. Many students commented on Mrs Peatman’s professionalism, finding it to be a most inspiring trait.

Thank you to Mrs Peatman and all who attended for a wonderful evening.


Jonty Boshier


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