Take the stress out of study with these simple tips

Our RMC Dean of Academics shares her best tips for successful study. 

Figure out your motivation. When you remember and appreciate that what you are studying now is playing a part in your bigger future career / life goals, you’ll be more likely to give it the time and effort it needs.

Get across the bigger picture. You might be overwhelmed with playing catch-up on lectures. But take a look at your course objectives and outcomes to help you focus on the main principles. Take the time to understand the concepts of what you are learning. If you’re not sure what they are, speak to an academic tutor.

Get your routine in place. Whether you manage your time through your phone or an old-school handwritten calendar, planning your study time sets you up for studying success. Include study breaks! And sleep! Sleep helps rest both your body and mind and that leads to better results.

Plan backwards from the deadline. Start with what you want to achieve and break it down into tangible study goals so that you feel prepared by the exam date. Then reward yourself for reaching those goals, whether it be a walk around the block, or a block of chocolate (okay, maybe not the whole block).

Talk to your peers. They’re in this with you! Study together, share ideas and ask each other questions. Having a ‘study buddy’ to keep you accountable means you will be less likely to isolate yourself and procrastinate. They’ll also make sure you take breaks when needed and encourage you along the way.

Location, location, location. If you are falling asleep on your bed reading the same sentence five times, step outside for some vitamin D. Go to the library, make yourself cosy in a cafe or head to an RCM study room with friends. It’s amazing how a new location will give you a refreshed sense of purpose. 

Summaries help. One of the keys to successful study is to summarise all the content into your own words. This will help you to recall information quickly under pressure. 

You can do this – good luck!! Struggling with your study load, exams, or study-related stress? RMC is here to help. Reach out to our Dean of Academics, Lillian Li, who is happy to meet with you in person, or to an academic tutors. In keeping with our culture of wanting to help, students in upper years are often willing to give students their time and expertise as well in a casual format.

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