Who are we?


RMC is an incorporated not-for-profit residential College affiliated with Macquarie University. We are a university based living and learning community with strong academic and pastoral support for all our residents. By enabling our residents to engage with the university experience in a supportive context, they have the opportunity to develop academically, socially and spiritually. The College offers many student leadership positions for its residents and our multicultural community empowers them to become community-minded leaders in the global village.

Robert Menzies College is located on the Macquarie University campus, just a few minutes walk from the university. Our Herring Road location is close to public transport and the Macquarie Centre.


Several staff members and their families live on site. Their presence enhances the family atmosphere of the college. The staff and families provide pastoral care for all students. RMC also has 12 Student Residential Tutors to provide all students in their blocks with academic and social support.

Peter Davis


E: peter.davis@rmc.nsw.edu.au


The Master is the Head and CEO of Robert Menzies College and he is responsible for the running of the College. The Master is accountable to the Board of Robert Menzies College.

Lillian Li

Dean of Academics

E: doa@rmc.nsw.edu.au


The Dean of Academics looks after the residents' academics by monitoring residents' academic progress, providing academic assistance programs (such as in-house academic tutoring and learning skills workshops), bridging connections with industry and providing employability enhancement actvities, and ensuring that appropriate studying environments are available at College.

Rebecca Lui

Dean of Residents

E: Rebecca.lui@rmc.nsw.edu.au


Rebecca lives on site with her family and she looks after the residents' College life by organising residential programs and maintaining residents' wellbeing.

Lily Strachan


E: lily.paige.strachan@gmail.com


Lily Strachan is the Chaplain at RMC and is part of our residential staff team, living on site. She is available to discuss residents' questions around faith, whatever their background or worldview.

Alex Mok

Finance Director

E: cfo@rmc.nsw.edu.au


The Finance Director oversees college operations including student services, administration, finance, IT, risk and governance, maintenance, housekeeping, food services, and marketing.

Meredith Wagstaff

On-site Counsellor

E: meredith.wagstaff@rmc.nsw.edu.au


Meredith is an experienced registered counsellor who works on-site at RMC to provide residents with support navigating issues that can impact mental health and wellbeing.

Converge International Review 2019

Converge International

Robert Menzies College (RMC) is committed to the highest standards of residential experience. We want RMC to be an environment where residents grow and develop in a safe and respectful environment. To that end, RMC continually seeks to take positive steps towards ensuring that our college is a place that is free from sexual harassment and sexual assault, for all residents, staff and guests.

In 2019 RMC engaged Converge International, an independent consultancy firm, to conduct a survey for current students and their parents. We did this to gather information on how our residents are experiencing RMC regarding respectful relationships, and in particular harassment and assault. We thank all those who contributed their insights and experiences to the review.

Converge International believes RMC's arrangements to be well-considered and appropriate for the college environment. We were pleased to see that results indicate very high levels of satisfaction with RMC's performance. Converge International also made important recommendations for growing and developing the RMC culture. Implementation of these recommendations will strengthen RMC and the important contribution we make to the educational experience and personal growth of all our students

Dr Peter Davis

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Vision & Mission


Forming The Person, Transforming Our World



1. Creating a caring community in affordable, quality accommodation.
2. Encouraging learning and academic excellence, including Christian scholarship.
3. Reaching people and teaching them to become mature followers of Christ.



Develop a college community:
  • RMC is characterised by mutual respect and care for others, and participation in College life by all members.
  • We provide a ‘home away from home’ for Australian and overseas students as a service to them and to Macquarie University.
  • Our members come from around Australia and all over the world, bringing their diverse experiences and backgrounds to life at RMC.
  • A quick look through this website will give you an idea of how great it is to live and work at Robert Menzies College.
Promote learning, scholarship and leadership:
  • At RMC we actively support the learning process, providing College members with an environment conducive to study, encouraging excellence and providing study support.
  • We foster individual growth and development of College members as persons and in leadership.
  • We maintain close links to the academic programs and staff of Macquarie University.
  • We encourage learning and provide mentors and tutors from among our senior members and others.
  • We support academic research and scholarship with the RMC Visiting Academic Program.
Encourage a spiritual focus:
  • RMC has established a non-denominational Christian church on campus called Trinity Chapel Macquarie (TCM). Attendance at Chapel services is voluntary.
  • TCM offers spiritual nurture and development to the residential community of RMC and to the wider academic and local communities.
  • TCM aims to teach the Bible, foster lifelong Christian discipleship, train in evangelism and model a vital church.
  • We collaborate with several of the student Christian clubs and societies on campus.


  • 1974

    RMC was opened

    It was the second College (after New College at UNSW) that resulted from the work of the New Universities Colleges Council, an organisation sponsored by the Sydney Anglican Diocese. The College architect, Noel Bell, fused ideas from Californian and Oxford university colleges to cluster groups of rooms around a central lounge area and to avoid long noisy corridors.

  • 1972 - 1979

    Alan Cole

    The College has only had six Masters in over 50 years, a stabilising factor in an ever-changing world. Alan Cole, a biblical scholar and linguist led the College from 1972 to 1979. He was known for embracing multiculturalism and often speaking to the students in their own languages.

  • 1980 - 1990

    Paul Barnett

    Paul Barnett, historian of Bible lands and culture, preacher and pastor and a prolific author, was Master from 1980 to 1990.

  • 1986

    Trinity Chapel was opened

    Following in the footsteps of the college a non-denominational Christian church on campus called Trinity Chapel Macquarie (TCM) was established.

  • 1990 - 2004

    Stuart Piggin

    Stuart Piggin, a modern historian appointed in late 1990, served for fourteen years until 2004.

  • 2000

    Coming together

    Robert Menzies College was established as the entity managing the College.

  • 2005 - 2011

    Chris Bellenger

    Chris Bellenger retired from a professorship of veterinary surgery and became Master in 2005, serving until 2011.

  • 2012 - 2017

    Bruce Pollard

    Bruce Pollard had a background in accounting and lectured at the Holmes Institute before taking up his appointment at RMC in January 2012.

  • 2018 -

    Peter Davis

    The present Master is Peter Davis, a specialist in residential colleges, a former lecturer in theology and a parish minister for 20 years. Peter was the Academic Director at Excelsia College before taking up his position at RMC, and guided the College through the Covid-19 years.

  • Be part of our story!

    Today RMC supports up to 300 residents. As a modern, well-equipped College it offers excellent facilities and a high standard of pastoral care and support.

RMC Directors

Russell Lee


  • BArch, ARAIA / Architect

Special responsibilities:

  • Chairperson, RMC Board

Jenny Chu


  • BComm/BA, CFA / Business and Investment Consultant

Daniel Gibson


  • MBBS, BSc (Med), FRANZCP / Medical Practitioner

Jennifer Lum


  • BA, LLB, BTh / Retired Solicitor, Pastoral Chaplain

Paul Mendham


  • BA Hons, MA, MFIA

Alanna Nobbs


  • BA, PhD / Academic

Tracey Laming


  • B Econ, CA

David Wakeley


  • BEc, Economics and Accounting, CA

Paul Yeates


  • BSc (Hons), Dip Ed, BTh, PhD / Academic Quality and Administration

Danny Selamet


  • BSc (Computer Science), MIST (Master of Information Systems and Technology) / Solution Architect

Robert Menzies College is a ‘not-for-profit’ company. There are eight RMC Directors appointed by the Anglican Church (Diocese of Sydney), one director appointed by Macquarie University and one Director appointed by the Directors of the company. Directors do not receive any remuneration for their services. Any surplus income is retained for the future development and maintenance of the College.