Ten awesome study tips you’re going to need this exam season

Ten awesome study tips you’re going to need this exam season

The business end of the semester has arrived… and we all know what that means: coffee. But even caffeine has its limits. Here are some tips on how you can successfully get through this exam and study season!

Be real about how you work
Not everyone clicks into gear at the same time each day. There’s an optimal time for everyone to do productive study. If possible, study at the time that best suits you. A few hours in your sweet spot is better than a longer period where you’re not in the zone. 

Take control
Whether or not you’re tethered to your phone and social accounts, give it the flick for times of study. Studies show that daily attention has become so fragmented due to our smart phones that we risk a permanent reduction in concentration. 

Make a plan
Do you like to see your progress visually? Get a whiteboard and express your measured madness with post it notes and timetables. If colour makes you happy go wild with highlighters. Whatever way you do it, express yourself! 

Novelists’ discipline
The best writers subscribe to a schedule and routine. They’re successful because they do it every day–and the same could be said for studying. Get out of your pyjamas and get ready for the day. Approach your study time with the same mindset as if you were going to a job.

Succumb to sleep
We all need our eight hours, even in intense exam situations. An all-nighter on energy drinks might seem the best option but your body will probably disagree – and shut down in awkward and uncomfortable ways! Getting enough sleep makes you function well and gives you the right headspace on exam day. 

Sweet smell of success

A scientific study showed that when we smell an aroma while we take on new knowledge, and then go to sleep to the same scent, it’s easier to recall the information later. Grab some essential oils: sniff them while you study, and then put a few drops on your pillow!

Not studying or sleeping? Get out and do some exercise. Taking a walk or going to the gym is a wonderful reboot. When we exercise, a process takes place in our brains called neurogenesis – new brain cells are literally being made!

Deja Vu all over again!
You are not alone. There is a wealth of knowledge at RMC and it’s likely someone has been in your shoes (figuratively speaking). They’ve probably studied the exact same thing. Ask an academic tutor to help you find past exam papers in your unit that could give you a hint of what to expect. 

Talk it out
Having a big chat with someone who cares can do wonders for the soul. When it’s stressful, like during exams, you might need an outlet for your emotions. Find someone who wants to listen or come to RMC’s Exam Suppers, 8pm in the common room on Sunday to Friday evenings.

Reward yourself
That light at the end of the tunnel is so close you can almost touch it. After your last exam, reward yourself with something you love to do. Treat yourself to a night out, or eat something delicious (we recommend chocolate!). It’s been a massive couple of weeks and you deserve your reward.

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