Annual Red Shield Appeal

Every year, without fail, Robert Menzies College participates in the Red Shield Appeal, assisting the Salvation Army to raise money for those struck by trauma. This year, almost 20 students withstood the wind and the rain, door knocking to collect donations from the North Ryde community.

Australia has been benefitting from the generous work of the Salvation Army since September 1880. They have assisted Australia in many aspects, including aged care, chaplaincies, child services, court and prison services, employment, recovery services, youth support, emergency services and many more beneficial programs.

The money raised during the door-to-door collections go towards helping Australians in difficult situations such as natural disasters, poverty or substance addictions. In a typical week, the Salvation Army provides over 100,000 meals for the hungry, 2,000 beds for the homeless, between 5,000 and 8,000 food vouchers, helps around 1,000 people find employment, assists 500 people with drug, alcohol or gambling addictions, gives refuge to 500 victims of abuse, gives chaplaincy services to 4,000 people in the court system, and on top of all that, they offer counselling to several thousands of these victims.

The majority of students at RMC have moved far away from their homes and families, which can be daunting, but we as a community stick together and make sure everyone feels comfortable in their new home. Being involved in the Red Shield appeal, and working with the outer community builds on values that RMC embraces so wholeheartedly. Helping other people in need and putting the wellbeing of others before our own are values that our College endeavours to display.


Many students, including Fadzai Pasi, believe that RMC’s interaction with the Salvation Army give students a new perspective on community and the importance of giving:

“It was an enriching and rewarding experience, that allowed me to give back to the community and reflect on what is important in a communal setting. It was my first time doing something like this, and I would definitely love to do it again.”

Fadzai and many others pushed their comfort zone and learnt new skills through our involvement with the Red Shield Appeal, illuminating just how important it is to work with organisations such as the Salvation Army, which promotes self-growth, as well as the importance of community.

Our involvement with the Salvation Army reflects on values our college believe are of the utmost importance: community, growth, selflessness and giving. These values leave our community as one in which everyone is accepted, allowing Menzies to be a place everyone can call home.

– Laura Anderson, Vice President of Robert Menzies College Student Association

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