Holi Festival at RMC

An early start on a Saturday morning was well worth it, as we celebrated the traditional Indian Holi Festival in the RMC courtyard.For those of you who didn’t know, Holi is a spring festival in India and Nepal, also known as the festival of colours or the festival of sharing love.

The morning began with some poor unfortunate souls being awoken by the shouting and siren noises made by Maddie Martin on the megaphone (#sorrynotsorry). Once everyone had assembled in the courtyard, the time had come to throw colour and water amongst us. The colours covered our bodies from head to toe… oh and also the pavement of the courtyard (whoops).

Once all the colours had been finished, we ended the event by doing the fresher dance (not again). We then rushed to the showers to try and scrub the colour off before it stained our bodies. For some of us this took days…and for some unlucky girls, the colours are still stained in their hair.


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