Insights from an Education Student

Thursday, 19 May 2016

The Education Academic Dinner saw four key academics of the university – Dr Dean Dudley, Prof Joanne Mulligan, Ms Jenny Nicholls and Dr Greg Robertson – network with RMC students and staff over dinner. After a lovely dessert down in S-Conference, they provided their wisdom and insights into the field of education within a Q&A panel. Jenny and Joanne took the “hot seat” on the panel, answering a diverse range of questions from study tips for exams & getting the most out of a Macquarie Education degree, to the qualities employers are looking for in graduate teachers. In addition, topical, open-floor discussions took place involving both staff and students, regarding prevalent issues within the realm of contemporary education, such as: whether coaching schools are truly beneficial for schoolchildren and the issue of gender gaps in promotions and salaries in the early childhood sector. Overall, it was a night of significant value for the students, not only for their present studies, but also for their future careers in education.

– Ellie Rutter, Primary Education Academic Tutor


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