IT Dinner with Rewarding Benefits

Academic Dinner – IT

by Vikrant Singh

 It was a pleasant surprise to have been so kindly asked to attend this academic dinner. There was a renewed sense of excitement going to an academic dinner after 2 years of leaving my wondrous years at RMC. I felt as if I had learned just enough to share my two cents to young students and try to make their job hunting prospects a little bit easier.

It was great to see quite a few faces turn up and it really made the whole experience that much more interesting. Having an open forum type discussion was helpful as it allowed me to understand and dig up the different facets about job hunting and the corporate world that were lying dormant in my subconscious. And being able to relate all those points to how RMC gave me the foundation to apply myself was refreshing and I do hope the attendees got a glimpse of that.

I hope the students also got a glimpse of how amazing RMC can be if you utilize all that it has to offer. From doing maintenance to house keeping to admin work, all these skills are immensely useful. Employers seek for any type of work experience and to have all those experiences under one roof (and have meals provided too!) is convenient. A lot of new students who come to RMC don’t realize what a wealth of things they can do and for me each and every one of those that I undertook has made me more confident.

Overall, I had great fun and what made this Academic Dinner different than others was the openness and I would also like to thank Liz for organizing the event. It was also her kind nature that made this dinner easy going!



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