The opportunity to talk, laugh, and share life with wonderful people is special. What stands out even more is, regardless of the time spent apart, the ability to pick up where you left off with those people.

Recently Collette Aw (who lives in Hong Kong) was able to do just that. Collette caught up with Andrew and Esther Sylvester, Sneha Yadav, and  Daniel Telles and attend dinner with other fellow RMC residents (2008-2010) who call Hong Kong home.

It was a chance to catch up on what had been happening, reminisce about the time spent together, relive old jokes, talk about the future and get some really helpful advice.
Daniel moved to Hong Kong around May 2015. Collette was able to invite him to her church community and bible study as they didn’t just have RMC in common but also their faith. It was a great opportunity for them to connect, stay in touch and for Daniel to have a friend after making such a big move.
While Andrew & Esther were visiting Hong Kong, they stayed with Daniel and able to spend time with Collette. ‘We had dim sum lunches and enjoyed Shanghainese cuisine. We went hiking with Daniel, Alice Ho & Bowie Kwok (both RMC HK alumnus) where they got to see the beautiful side of Hong Kong.’ Collette told me. It is truly amazing to have the ability to see friends from all over the world and share with them the beauty of your  home.

Collette was able to meet up with Sneha and fellow alumnus including Daniel, Alice Ho, Vera Chan, Bowie Kwok and Jane Lam over meals together. ‘We went to the peak where we got to see the beautiful view of Hong Kong from the top and at night we got to see the adventurous nightlife’

‘We went to a few Chinese restaurants and were able to explore Hong Kong. It was great catching up, sharing & talking about the good times we had at RMC. It was also great sharing what each of us has been up to ever since we graduated from Macquarie University in terms of work work & social life.’

You all know that it is tough finding the time in the middle of busy lives to keep in touch, especially being separated by many miles and responsibilities. Often it only takes a single opportunity, a special event, or one person’s crazy plan of how to get together, and it is always worth it! Maybe it’s your turn to organise something?

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