Sustainability Challenge: 5 Ways to Save Energy at RMC

sustainability_10ways_turnoffturngreen  Turn off, turn green


Most people are good at turning off personal equipment, but don’t forget common areas. Switch off lights, TVs, computers and air-conditioning.


sustainability_10ways_smartappSmart app


Switch off extra functions and apps (eg. Bluetooth, wireless) on your computers and phones to extend your battery and computer life.


sustainability_10ways_coldwashsundryCold wash, sun dry


Where possible, wash clothes in cold water and sunlight dry them. These practices will not only save power, but can make your clothes last longer!


sustainability_10ways_keepalidonitKeep a lid on it

Using the right sized lids on pots and pans when cooking will keep heat contained and make cooking faster and more efficient.


vampire_guyVampire Power

Unplug or switch off electronics at the wall socket – most devices still draw up to 10% of their total energy use whilst Off or in Stand By mode, aka Vampire Power. This means TV’s, DVD players, computers and laptops, printers, kettles and toasters.


Challenge: How many can you accomplish this week?

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